Break-In Protection

1 – Burglars love the summer; this is the season when people are most likely to leave their windows or doors open while working outside in the garden all day. Make your home look less tempting for thieves by keeping your ground-accessible windows and doors closed.

2 – Install exterior lights, focusing on entry ways. Make sure to mount them high enough so they are out of reach.

3 – Make breaking in time consuming. Invest in good quality locks, and make sure to use them on windows and doors. Doors to the exterior of your house should be made of metal or solid wood.

4 – Make breaking in noisy. Install a security system with a good quality siren. The most effective systems will call out to an outside monitoring service once trouble occurs.

5 – Keep valuables under lock and key and well hidden. This includes jewelry, personal or identifying documents, cash , etc.

6 – Get to know your neighbours. Be each others eyes and ears; introduce programs like block watch.

7 – Always have adequate home insurance. No matter where you live, always ensure you have enough coverage to protect your belongings and home from theft or damage.

What does a security system cost?
The price of a good security system can vary greatly depending on your needs. From wanting a couple motion detectors and door/window contacts to an advanced access control system to monitor who is entering or leaving your property. Please contact us for a free quote and our security professionals will determine the correct system and price for you.

Do we sell or rent equipment?
At Mitchco we sell our systems up front. This is more inexpensive in the long run when compared to the ‘lengthy terms’ and ‘large monthly payments’ offered by our competitors.

Is there any preference between a hard-wired or wireless system?
Technology has come a long way; this is no exception when it comes to security and CCTV systems. You can certainly get some very reliable wireless alarm and camera systems nowadays. However, if your home has been pre-wired, during construction, for a security or CCTV system. Our recommendation is to install a hard-wired system.

What happens if we have a break-in or the alarm is triggered for another reason?
If you have a monitored alarm system, the monitor station will be notified. They will then contact the applicable persons based on your call list to determine whether or not police assistance is required.

Should we have our security system monitored? Are there any extra costs?
Having your system monitored will add an even greater feeling of assurance that your home is safe and protected. You can be out for the day or settled down for the night, and feel confident that you, and the authorities, will be alerted to any suspicious activities happening at your home.
There is a monthly cost for the station to monitor your account, however, we believe the benefits of a monitored account far outweigh the costs.

Should we install cameras as well as sensors?
Installing a video surveillance system is a great way to discourage vandalism and damage to your property. Visible cameras are often enough to discourage many would-be thieves. In the event of a break-in or property damage while you are away; the footage supplied by the cameras can greatly assist the police in pursuing the culprit.

Can we monitor the security system remotely?
Yes, our alarm and CCTV systems can be configured to provide alerts and notifications. You can also view your camera feed anytime on your phone.

Can installing and monitoring a security system reduce our insurance costs?
Yes! Many insurance providers will give discounts to home owners who show proof of a security system protecting their home. Contact your insurance provider for more information.

Do we have to put a sign on our property displaying your business?
No, it is entirely your choice if you’d like to display a ‘Mitchco’ sign on your property. We do, however, recommend it as these signs can also serve as a great deterrent against thieves and vandals.

How long will the alarm system installation take?
Most residential homes can be fitted with an alarm within a day. This timeframe can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the system. Call or email us for a free quote and we can give you a more specific timeframe.

Can my pets set off my alarm?
Yes, pets have been known to cause the odd false alarm. These can be avoided through the use of “pet friendly” sensors or through careful designing of the system.

We have looked at several security providers, why should we chose Mitchco Security?
We understand that you are considering many factors when its comes to choosing a company to install an alarm system. These include things such as price, what is included in the package deal, how much experience the vendor has, and where the vendor is located.

MitchCo Security Systems has been a family business since 1994. Our many years of experience include installing both wired and wireless systems to thousands of homes and businesses throughout the Fraser Valley (and beyond). Our security systems can be configured to facilitate both large and small applications. Many of our systems also contain video surveillance and off site monitoring by either the owners or our 24/7 monitoring service. We keep up to date on all the newest technologies to ensure our recommendations will serve both your present and future needs. While we are located in Chilliwack, BC, we will cover the entire province as requested. Our prices are competitive and our service second to none. Every installation serves to contribute to our local economy here in Chilliwack.

We service what we sell and stand by our work.