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Access Control Systems

Grant or restrict access to certain areas of a building or the entire building altogether.

Access Control SystemHave you ever wished you could log and monitor the comings and goings of your employees from your business? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to update or create passcodes as needed? If this is something your business or home needs, then we can certainly help! We are experts in providing top notch access control systems.

Install a video door access control system, passcode security system or fingerprint reader.

Keep track of who’s coming and going, and when they are doing so. Protect your assets and personnel, and ensure that only those who need access are granted access.

Install door access control using a 2 door, 4 door access control panel or more.

A system that logs activity is an good tool for streamlining your business. Furthermore, it is an excellent investigative tool. You can include log reports when trying to determine when and who were present for the event being investigated.

Our professional and highly skilled technicians can design and install a system custom tailored specifically to your business. A good security system combined with high definition cameras and 24/7 alarm monitoring ensure that your business and staff are fully protected.

Lock and Keys vs Access Cards

If you are using keys to access your property, then you are likely already aware of their limitations. It is a challenge to keep keys and locks current. In addition, if the keys to any area of your site are lost or stolen, it creates a major security breach. This can pose an serious and immediate threat to your business. Using the old-fashioned key access system, your only option is to replace the locks and keys. This is not only costly and time consuming, but it can also disrupt the flow of your business day. Replace your outdated lock and key system with one of our professionally installed business access control systems. This will give instant control over your entire property and you will not be disappointed!.

We are experts in security and access services, including security gate, apartment door, and residential or business access control systems.

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